What Type Of Jaw Angle Implants Will Give A Flared Out Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a medium sized Implantech Terino Extended Anatomical implant placed about a year ago. I am interested in getting jaw angle implants and was wondering what style you think would best meet my needs. I like the flared out look of the Implantech Lateral Mandibular Angle implants, however, it also appears that I could use some vertical drop down given by the Posterior Mandibular Angle implants. It looks like the off-the-self posterior implants offered by implantech give 0.36mm of added width. Would this posterior implant give me the flared out look from the frontal view while dropping by jaw angle at the same time?

A; I do not find that any of these types of jaw angle implants would provide a ‘flared out’ look. They can add fullness to the jaw angles but they are not the style of jaw angle implant that can provide an angular flare, particularly if the implant provides any vertical lengthening. A different style of jaw angle implant is needed for that jawline look which is not currently commerically available for off-the-shelf catalog availability.


Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, indiana