What Type Of Jaw Angle Implant Revision Surgery Do I Need?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am in need of jaw angle implant revision surgery,  I had large, off the shelf, silicone jaw implants done two weeks ago. To me (at this stage) they look too big and are asymmetrical. As you can see from the photographs there is a distinct difference to both sides of my face, with one jaw side being lower than the other. i am also concerned that they bulge and “round out” my face from under the ears. also believe they made my face longer and squarer. I want badly to correct this and if this entails customized implants that achieve (or approach) symmetry, I hope you can help.

Vertical Lengthening Jaw Angle Implant Dr Barry Eppley Indianapolis

A: Let me start by first making a general comment about jaw angle implant surgery in men. Just about every patient in the first few weeks or month after surgery thinks that the implants are too big, asymmetrical or both. While they may very well be (I obviously don’t know what you looked like before and what your aesthetic goals were…and the beard adds another visual element which may or may not be helpful in interpretation of the results), what is important to know is that 50% of the final result is seen at 3 weeks, 75% of the result is seen by 6 weeks and it takes a full 3 months to see every detail of the final result in any form of facial skeletal augmentation surgery. So at just two weeks after surgery what you are currently seeing may or may not be a harbinger of the eventual outcome of the procedure.

I say this because I have seen numerous men jump too quickly into jaw angle implant revision surgery…long before the final result was apparent. There is an accomodation phase to the new look and that does not happen for most patients in the swelling phase of the recovery period.

The two most common complications from any facial implant surgery, in particular jaw angle implants, is what you are feeling now…over/undersizing and asymmetry. Given that you are still somewhat swollen it it hard for me to know what look you were trying to achieve and what makes the way it looks now not desired. Did you have computer imaging done before our surgery to get a feel for the look you could achieve in your face?  Your description suggests that they are too big (wide) and are of a lateral design…which would account for the rounded lower face look. I suspect these are 11mm wide lateral angle implants. Such dimensions can also make the face look more square and longer (which is what many jaw angle patients want) but this style implant has very rounded edging.

Jaw angle implant asymmetry is a function of placement and how secure the implants are onto the bone. They were placed from inside the mouth but where they secured with screws?

I ask these questions because the solution to your jaw angle implant concerns may already lie within you (modification of existing implants and their positioning) While custom implants can always be made, I would first look at whether what you have can be salvaged to the right amount of jaw angle augmentation and symmetry…consisting of the simplest and most economic approach to jaw angle implant revision surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana