What Type Of Jaw Angle Implant Do I Need To Get A More Defined Result Than What I Currently Have?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I got jaw angle implant one year ago and want to get new ones. I have two problems with the ones I have. The first thing is that they did not give me the look that I wanted. They added very little width and did not make the jaw angle any more prominent. The second thing is that one of them has slipped and is starting to come through the incision as it is sore and I can see an edge of it inside my mouth. What do you recommend? I have a picture of me so you can see where I am now.

A: Based on this one picture, I believe your jaw angle goal can be achieved with an off-the-shelf implant as it appears that what you need is more width and jaw angle prominence. That can be done with either a silicone lateral augmentation style or a medpor inferolateral augmentation style (modified) based on your width desires. I know that you said you have jaw angle implants now but I don’t know how much they are adding to where you are at present. Besides one of them slipping (they should always be screwed in) they may not be big enough or placed low enough on the mandibular ramus to have the proper effect. This is both a sizing and placement issue. If you desire a much more prominent jaw angle, I would consider using a medpor RZ angle implant of the 11mm size. That will give you the most prominent jaw angle possible with a preformed jaw angle implant.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana