What Type Of Implant Do I Need To Fix My Undereye Hollowing?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am bothered by the hollowing under my eyes. I am scared of injectable fillers placed so close to the eye . I’m thinking about the surgical procedure using implants. Have you done it ?  How good are the results ? This hollowing thing really bothers me . It makes my pictures look bad. I don’t expect full correction, I’ll be happy with an improvement.

A: When you speak of implants for hollowing, you are referring to infraorbital rim implants. I can speak to the success of the procedure having done it numerous times. Done through a lower eyelid procedure, it is done through a lower blepharoplasty incision and the implants are secured to the bone with small microscrews. It provides a permanent correction to the lower eyelid hollowing problem. The biggest problem with them is the risk of palpability (being able to feel them) and asymmetry of the upper implant edges.

Dr. Barry Eppley