What Type Of Facial Surgeries Do I Need To Enhance My Appearance But Still Look Natural?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I wanted to get your recommendation about what surgeries should i get to enhance my appearance but stay natural at the same time . 

what i think i need: 

1. lower lip reduction 

2.filler or implant for chin 

3.filer or implant for jawline (i dont want to widen it just want some bone to appear on the gonial angle 

4.filler or lipofilling for sunken upper eyelid hollow (do you think i have protruding eyes ?cuz faceapp filters always make my eyes smaller) 

5.treatment for dark circles (it’s genetic hyperpigmentation) it seems that there are no guaranteed and effective treatment for this problem 

6.what hair style more suitable for my skull and facial features?

A:Thank you for your inquiry and sending your pictures. In regards to your questions I can say the following:

1) Part of the lower lip position is due to the short chin but there is no question that the lower lip is disproportionately big and could benefit by reduction.

2) Your chin needs a sliding genioplasty, not filler or implant. It will help with the lower lip support.

3) Since your jaw angle goals are to just make some evidence of a jaw angle presence, I would go with standard vertical lengthening jaw angle implants.

4) You have a combination of an infraorbital rim deficiency and hyperpigmentation of the lower lids. It is a choice between lipofilling and infraorbital rim implants, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. I would probably opt for the imnplant because of the more assured smoothness that would result.

5) You are correct in that lower lid hyperpigmentation is a difficult problem to improve. But efforts using bleaching creams is a good place to start.

6) I have no expertise in hairstyling.

In conclusion a sliding genioplasty with standard jaw angle implants and lower lip reduction for the lower third of the face and standard infraorbital rim implants with pre- and postoperative bleaching creams for the midface

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana