What Type Of Facial Skin Care Products Are Best?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I need some skin care advice. I was using both Task Essential Serum Revitalisant 02, 02 Revitalizing Serum in the morning, Task Essential Treatment Regenateur 02,and  02 Regenerative Treatment at night. After my operation, switched to Cetaphil. Do you think Task Essential are the best products to use? And is Task Essential New Skin Exfoliant the best scrub to use on my face? Also is Task Essential Pure Mask Instant the best mask to use on my face? And what is the best sunblock to use for my skin? By-the-way, when I use Cetaphil Cream on my face, should I use a lot.  And should I use a lot on my nose and instead of rubbing it into my skin should I let sit sit on my nose overnight?

A: When it comes to skin care products, there are literally thousands of product options. In reality there is no one single product or product line that is the ‘best’ or is the best for anyone. Probably hundreds of these thousands of product options would be effective for most people. What is important about any facial skin care product line is that one finds it non-irritating and comfortable to one’s skin as the benefits of any topical skin treatment is based on regular and sustained use. In short, neither of the two products you have chose is better than the other. Use the one you like the best.

The same issue applies to sunblock. Most moisturizers today contain sunblock and as along as it is at least SPF 30 in strength that is all that matters.

Your goal with any skin care product application is to use the least that works. Using more does not make it more effective, that only allows you to go through more product faster.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana