What Type Of Facial Reshaping Will Make My Face Less Wide?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am inquiring about the possibilities regarding slimming down my face. It is just long and wide and does not look proportional to my body at all. What could be done to reduce the size of my face? I obviously see that there are limits of what can be done. Whereas I for instance could have jaw reduction and/or cheek cutting. But what sort of experience do you have here?

A: In facial reshaping surgery, slimming the face can be done by three different approaches depending on the dimensions involved. Normally the face could be vertically lengthened to make it look less wide. The face could also be made less wide (width reduction) without changing the vertical length. Lastly, a combination of vertical lengthening and width reduction can be done which often is the most effective.

Your facial dimensions and concerns (‘long and wide’) leave you with only facial width reduction options as you have noted. Cheekbone narrowing and jaw reduction would be the logical procedures of cboice. Whether this would include vertical chin reduction to help with the long face can be debated since vertical facial shortening works against facial width efforts.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana