What Type Of Facial Implants Will Help A MIdface Deficiency?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have been diagnosed with a mild midface deficiency.  I would like to have this corrected to end up with the most aesthetic appearance possible. I have been reading about facial implants and the work you have done with them. I would like to achieve a reduction of the depressions on either side of the nose, reduction of the heavy creases going down to the corners of my mouth and better projections of my face to make it look less wide and flat. In addition I am also interested in lip implants. I already have some lip implants placed. They were the type that look like spaghetti and the size was 4mm top and bottom. I would like to add to these to make my lips bigger. Specifically I would like to show more of the pink lipstick area rather than just make them stick out more. I would also like to bring the implants out to the edges of my mouth to make the lips and mouth appear wider.

A: When it comes to facial implants, there are a lot of facial changes that they can make…and there some changes that they can not. For a mild midface deficiency, consideration can be given to paranasal implants to bring out the base of the nose and anterior submalar implants to provide some upper midface projection. The lower nasolabial folds as they approach the corners of the mouth will not be affected by any bone-based implant. This area is best treated by fat injections.

In regards to the lips, you either have more recent Permalip silicone implants or older style Advanta lip implants. Either way it is not a good idea to double stack lip implants as there will be a great tendencey to have them roll or twist on one another. You may exchange them for the largest 5mm implants but, for the sake of a 1mm increase, that is not likely to make much of a difference. Furthermore, some of the lip changes you desire can not be achieved by lip implants. No implant will increase the vertical height of the vermilion (pink lipstick area) nor will they make the corners of the lip appear fuller or wider, they are too thin in this area. To make these kind of lip changes, you will need to consider a vermilion or lip advancement procedure which directly changes the location of the vermilion…which is what is needed to make the type of lip changes you desire.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana