What Type of Custom Jaw Angle Implant Design Do I Need For This Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Is the jaw angle flare on this gentlemen achievable with an implant? I suspect he has had work done, his canthal tilt is sublime, my guess is orbital rim/cheek and jaw angle and chin combo.  it is extremely rare to have a jaw angle wider than one’s head, Brad Pitt is perhaps the only other person I have seen this on.

Years ago, I went to another surgeon who said he would shave my mid jaw area before  attaching the posterior mandible angle porex to achieve the flared out Y look I desire. I really have no interest in shaving down my jaw angle in case of complications etc. A picture of my current jaw is below enhanced by Radiesse, One injection point to the posterior mandible down to bone. Any lower and it rounds out my face, too high on the jaw bone and it blends in with the malar I think and defeats the purpose. Attached is a custom implant from your website where I imagine mine would have to be shorter, not extending past the mid mandible and also not as tall, really hugging the edge of the jawline.  Ive read about cryogels potentially being the future of filler and facial implants, but that’s not getting approved  anytime soon. I grow tired of my confidence being based on the status of my jaw angle. Please advise.

A: Most certainly he has had jaw angle implants as no one can look that way naturally.  (we recognize that he is also biting down causing the masseter muscles to bulge) The implants would be of the widening style probably in the 15mm range if not more. They are also positioned very high on the bone almost abnormally so. Your conjecture about the jaw angle design sounds correct to me. I don’t have any idea about ‘jaw angle shaving’ combined with an implant to achieve that look which makes no sense to me.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana