What Type Of Chin Implant Is Best For Me?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m unhappy with my asymmetric face and would like to have a nose job and chin implant to correct it. Would it be possible to correct it with standard Medpor chin implants? Which chin implant it would suit to me better to correct it and can I get a view how would I look after these changes to my face.

A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending your pictures. I have done some imaging on your nose and chin. Your rhinoplasty is straightforward, meaning that tip shortening with narrowing and a little lift and dorsal line straightening with narrowing of the upper nose with osteotomies would be done. Your chin is severely short and I could argue that an implant is not the best choice given the limits of how much horizontal advancement can be obtained with off-the-shelf implants. (only up to 10mms) But I have imaged what I think the most that a chin implant can achieve. When it comes to chin implant type, there are advantages and disadvantages to either silicone or Medpor materials. While some surgeons and patients get focused on their theoretical biological differences, I have never found them to be distinctly different in that way. I am more interested in what styles and sizes of chin implants the various manufacturers offer. In your case, I would likely choose a two-piece square chin Medpor implant of 11mms horizontal projection.

Dr. Barry Eppley