What Type Of Chin Implant Do I Need For A More Square and Masculine Chub Shape?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Seeking Chin Implant Revision, Custom Implant for a more square, symmetrical and masculine appearance.

The implant was placed about 4.5 years ago. The implant was in a size ‘large’ and was a silicone material; placed sub-mental (small incision under chin). The brand of the impact was Implantech Associates, Inc. Some information: Reference: CEAC-L 

Although I have no regret about getting this implant initially, it did bring the necessary harmony to my overall appearance by bringing my chin forward however, the reason for seeking a revision is because I believe the implant had either shifted slightly (based on images from a CT scan) or was placed in a position that caused some asymmetry (the chin leans more towards my left side) which was not an issue I had before the implant. My natural chin was receded however, was more symmetrical and had a square shape to it. Which brings me to my second reason for a revision, I would like to see what my options are for a square-shaped implant. I would like to have a more masculine square chin shape instead of the rounded one I currently have. I do believe that it would complete the facial aesthetic goals that I have for my face. I have read some articles by Dr. Eppley online and am excited to see what he believes a realistic goal would be for me.

A: You have a Conform Extended Anatomic Chin Implant – Large – 6mm projection

Between getting the implant centric and achieving a more square appearance, the two options are:

1) a custom chin implant design

2) a standard Type 1 square chin implant

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon