What Type Of Cheek Implant Revision Do I Need?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a problem with my cheek implants and I need either cheek implant removal or cheek implant revision. I had a severe damage from buccal fat pad removals when I was younger and that left me sagging cheeks, downturned mouth corners, and jowls. Then I got medium sized submalar cheek implants to correct this problem. I looked fine and then I got a facelift which lifted the corners of my mouth and got rid of my jowls. But that has now left me with the cheek implants sticking out like shelves and my face looking like a skeleton. I got your information online that you have helped a patient with similar situation and I would like to get your advice.

Q: Between your previous buccal lipectomies and the pull of the facelift (which can thin out the submalar region by its sweeping effect) cheek implants can be come prominent and create an ‘hourglass’ facial deformity. The best approach would not be to completely get rid of the existing cheek implants as that will likely create a very flat cheek look creating another aesthetic problem. I would recommend downsizing your cheek implants (by at least 50%) and placing fat injection grafts below them to eliminate the ‘shelves’ and create a more natural and smoother facial contour. Cheek implant revision would be preferred.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana