What Type Of Buttock Implant Will Give Me The Most Fullness?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I’m interested in buttock implants but I want to know what implant (oval or round) will give me the most volume. Also does round implants pull up enough muscle to give you a round booty or do you have to get fat grafting added? My butt isn’t flat at all but needs volume. Will the round implant give me upper buttock volume or all over volume (upper, middle, lower buttock). I was told only the oval can give you upper, mid, lower buttock fullness but not as much volume as a round. Thank you.

A: The answer to your question starts with what you have now and where you ideally want it to be. Buttock implants differ in the amounts of volume projection and generally a rounder buttock implant will have more projection. When patients use the word ’round booty’ that almost always means to me that they want a lot of volume projection. That may not be possible for some patients no matter what technique is used and, for others, may require that they ultimately need a  implant and then fat grafting. (although this combinatio is very rare)

The effects of buttock implants is also influenced by whether they are placed subfascial or submuscular. Only subfascial placement can give the entire buttock fullness. Submuscular buttock implants mainly add mid- and upper volume enhancement. The location of the implant is often just as important as the style of implant used.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana