What Type Of Browlift Do I Need?

Q: Dr. Eppley, First I must say I’m very impressed with your forehead contouring method and I think I come to the right place for my procedure. I am an Asian male who had goretex custom implants placed for brow bone augmentation via a bicoronal incision and fixed with screws. From beginning I was unsatisfied with the result. It gave me extreme brow ptosis with a paralyzed left eyebrow that interferes with my vision. I can not raise my left eyebrow at all. The paralyzed left eyebrow seems like it is caused by implant placement which is placed slightly higher than the right eyebrow. I know because I can feel it. The brow ptosis dramatically changed my youthful eyes shape and made me like an old tired man. I have to keep raising my eyebrow muscles constantly everytime I meet people to make my face look ‘normal’. It has been three years since this surgery and I don’t want to look this way anymore. Now I’m considering brow lift to help my issue. Am I good candidate? What is the best brow lift method to address my complex issue? I tried to avoid bicoronal incision again because it left me with 1 cm width scar ear to ear with no hair growth at all in that area. I even want this ‘bald’ scar removed if possible. Can this brow lift method change my youthful eyes shape back like before?

A:  To lift your brows now, the only option would be to re-use your bicoronal incision. The good news is that the scar needs to be excised anyway to obtain a substantial narrowing of it.  That scar is unacceptable. That would work in helping with the browlift since the amount of brow movement upward should be roughly the same amount as the width of the scar that needs to be removed. I believe this will be successful. Whether it will get the brows elevated as much as you demonstrate with your hands may be overly optimistic but much improvement should be obtained.

As an aside, I suspect your left eyebrow paralysis is the result of an injury to the frontal nerve branch of the facial nerve on that side from the raising of the bicoronal forehead flap. It would be unlikely that the eyebrow doesn’t elevate because it is ‘stuck’ on the brow bone implant.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana