What Type Of Breast Lift Do I Need For My Saggy Breasts?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in breast lift surgery. I have severe ptosis of my breasts. I had weight loss surgery in 2012 and my breasts turned into nothing but skin! I am let with extremely saggy breast.s I assume I need a reduction and then implants because my breast tissue is non existent at this point. I just know that I need new breasts. I want to know what my approximate cost would be to have the type of augmentation I need done. A breast lift with free nipple grafting may be the route to take. I just want nicer breasts. I don’t expect the nice set I once had but anything would be better than what I currently have! How can I achieve my goal?
I weigh 230lb, am 34 years old, and am a non smoker. I can be 180 to 200lbs in 30-45 days which is my target goal. I am ready to take the next step. I just need to know what procedure would work best to fix my horrible breast. Can I have decent looking breast with surgery? I want full breasts that aren’t saggy.

Severe Breast Sagging Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisA: Many patients that have undergone extreme weight loss after bariatric surgery are left with saggy breasts  and little internal breast tissue. While there are a number of types of breast lifts, these patients always require a combination of breast implants with a full breast lift, also known as the classic anchor pattern lift/scar pattern. The issue in very extreme cases of breast sagging like yours is whether the implants and the lift should be done together or whether it should be staged. (breast lift first followed by implants later) To avoid complications and the risk of loss of the nipple, you are one of the rare cases of breast sagging in which I would probably stage it. Besides risking loss of the nipple as a single combined procedure, you are at a very high risk (probably 100%) of needing a revision surgery anyway. It is just too hard to get teh amount of lift you need, put in implants for volume and have them be very symmetric all in one surgery.


Dr. Eppley