What Type and Size of Breast Implants Should I Get For My Breast Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in breast augmentation. After having two children I have lost all of my breast tissue, I am completely flat, the proverbial straight as a board chest look. I desperately need breast implants. What size and style of breast implant would you suggest? 

A: Based on a review of your pictures, you are an ideal candidate for breast augmentation. Let me detail what makes one an ‘ideal candidate’ . An ideal candidate for any plastic surgery procedure is the one that is most likely to get the best result based on their natural anatomy and the anticipated changes from the surgery.

The best breast augmentation results come from small breasts that have no sagging and with the nipples centered on the diminuitive breast mound. Thus when the mound gets expanded by an underlying implant the resultant shape assumes completely the shape of the implant with firm skin and a perfectly positioned nipple-areolar complex. Your pictures demonstrate that you have an ideal presurgical breast mound by this description.

When choosing a breast implant, the first thing to decide is between saline or silicone-filled. With your lack of any breast tissue, silicone would be a better choice to avoid the rippling of saline implants which would be revealed without a thick layer of breast tissue to disguise it. Implant size is a matter of personal choice but the volume of the implant should generally not exceeded your natural breast base width. The final implant decision is whether the implant should have a round or teardrop shape. That is a personal choice of whether you want an augmented breast look that is round (full upper pole) or a more natural or sloped breast shape. (lower pole fuller than the upper breast pole)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana