What Style Of Cheek Implant Do I Need To Get A High Chiseled Cheekbone Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, two months ago I got 6 mm silicone malar shell implants put in. I have flat cheekbones and full cheeks so the goal was to achieve higher, chiseled cheekbones (without placing them too laterally because I didn’t want the overall width of my face to look wider). To be clear, I do not have a combined malar/submalar implant because I did not want to augment my submalar region. Is the malar shell the implant you would have used or would the Medpor RZ malar implant work better to achieve prominent, high cheekbones? Thanks so much.

A: Quite frankly I would have used neither. All silicone malar shell implant styles are fairly wide which are going to give a round look to the cheek more than a high angular look. The medpor RZ implant is a lower projecting cheek implant style that will not give a high lateral look either. In reality, there is no really one good cheek implants style that will give that highly placed chiseled look in many patients. The best cheek implant that I have found is to either cut the silicone malar shell implants in half so that only the highest part stays or to use a so-called anatomical (style 1) implant that only imparts fullness to the high malar region.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana