What Skull Reshaping Procedures Do I Need To Correct My Brachycephaly?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am writing to inquire about potential surgical options to address my lifelong condition which I believe to be Brachycephaly. Please find attached photos and a video for reference. The key concerns I have are as follows:

1) Bulb-like appearance due to protrusion above my ears on both sides of my head.

2) Asymmetry caused by one side protruding more than the other.

3) Different protrusion of my ears, causing an imbalance.

4) Brachycephaly causing a noticeably large head with a circumference of 59cm/23.22 inches, often inviting unwanted attention and comments.

5) Flat shape at the back of my head, deviating from what is considered typical.

6) Abnormally high, top part of my head.

A change in my head shape would significantly impact my life in various ways. After discovering your work while researching similar cases, I am optimistic about finding a solution. Your expertise in this field is truly life-changing for individuals like me who have faced social challenges.

As a resilient and positive person with a strong support network, I am eager to explore options to address this condition. I appreciate your time and dedication to your profession.

A: You are referring to these procedures:

1) Bilateral Temporal Reductions

2) Left Setback Otoplasty

3) Custom Back of Head Skull Implant

4) Sagittal Ridge Skull Reduction

Any combination or all of them can be performed during the same surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon