What Size Implants Will Work Best For My Breast Augmentation?

Q: I am interested in getting breast augmentation. At 25 years of age with one child I have a height of 5’ 3” and a weight of 137 lbs. What size breast implants do you think I need? I have attached a picture of my breasts to help you decide.

A: In looking at your breasts, your most important decision about breast augmentation is not what size implant should be used. You have a moderate degree of breast sagging, meaning the position of your nipples is at or below your lower breast fold. Contrary to the perception of many, breast implants will not have a breast lifting effect. You are in need of some type of a lift if you are going to get breast implants. With implants alone your sagging breasts will be pushed lower, a look that I doubt you will find as an improvement. All breast lifts result in some scarring, a definite cosmetic liability. Whether larger and more uplifted breasts are worth the scars as a trade-off is what you need to think about first and foremost.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana