What Size Chin Implant Is Best For Me?

Q: Dr. Eppley, What I’m confused about is I also consulted with another surgeon.  He suggested a 9 mm silicone off the shelf without wings. He’s not reshaping it, implant as is so yes the implant is round.  I held it.  While your imaging suggests a 4 to 6 mm size, at least the ones that are appealling me.  So are you under projecting or is the other surgeon’s size is big?

I included the other surgeon’s imaging if that helps.

A: Based on your response to the larger imaging 9mms would be too big for you. That is my opinion as I would never place a 9mm chin implant in you or almost any female if they don’t like the predictive imaging.

The concept you have to grasp in that such implant selections are not an exact science and, even you the patient, don’t know how you will really respond to any size implant placed in you. Up to 1/3 of all facial implant patients ultimately change the size of their implants in a secondary procedure for a variety of reasons. That is the nature of facial reshaping surgery and the unpredictable psychological response of patients to changing the shape of their face they have looked at their entire life.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana