What Size Cheek Implant Am I Getting?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m now thinking I want to move forward with doing cheek implants and picked out the style of implant I want but need to know it the implant is falls into the category of small, medium or large. It’s by spectrum design and is called( malar profile ) the nominal dimensions are 5.4×3.2×0.5. But it doesn’t say if its a medium implant or large and this is something that is important for me to know. Pls help. Thank You. 

A: To help answer your question, here is the schematic on that particular cheek implant style.

Profile Malar Implants
pastedGraphic.pdfCatalog NumberNOMINAL DIMENSIONS
S140-414S4.6 cm2.3 cm0.4 cm
S140-424S5.1 cm2.7 cm0.5 cm
S140-434S5.4 cm3.2 cm0.5 cm
S140-444S5.7 cm3.5 cm0.5 cm
Sizer set 900-014Designed to enhance the entire malar region, this implant features thin tapered edges and provides a smooth transition to the malar prominence.

You can think of the four options as Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.  Therefore what you inquiring about is S140-434S which would be considered a large implant. As you can see by this dimensional chart on cheek implants is that the thicknesses don’t differ that much but the surface area that they cover do.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana