What Size Buttock Implants Should I Get?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m looking to get buttock implants. I am very small framed (5’0” and 105 lbs) and wanted to know what should I get for my size?

A: When you get buttock implants, they should almost always be placed in the intramuscular space to lower the risk of long term problems. While above the muscle (subfascial) is also popular, there are higher risks of seroma formation, implant show and mobility, and infection. The recovery may be quicker but that short term benefit may not be worth the long term consequences.

In the intramuscular space there is a size limitation as to how big the implant can be. You do not have the choice of just any size, the anatomy of the space limits the size anyone can get. Everyone gets the biggest implant size that the space can take because there is no risk of being too big in this buttock implant location.. Generally that is going to be anywhere from 270cc to 330cc. With a small person, it is probably going to be closer to 300cc or less. Fat injections can be added around them to help with some additional size increase if you have some fat available to be used.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana