What Size Buttock Implant Do I Need?

Q:  I want butt implants to give me a much larger butt. I was told that’s 400cc implant would give me the size I want but I think that’s too small. Can I send a picture of my butt and a picture of the size I want? Can you tell me what size implant would give me the results I want?

A:  Buttock augmentation using implants involves two considerations; size of the implants and implant location. (above or below the muscle) Size of the implant affects whether it can be placed above (subfascial) or below the muscle. Buttock implants are made of a soft flexible silicone material and come in either round or shaped configurations. Like breast implants, buttock implants are commercially available in different sizes (volumes) and dimensions. The most commonly used buttock implants are round shapes with sizes up to around 400cc with a projection of 5 cms. Larger buttock implants are available in shaped sizes up to about 550ccs but with less projection. The larger a buttock implant becomes the more difficult it is to place it under the gluteal muscle. When possible it is always best to place a buttock implant under the muscle.

When considering buttock implant size, the desired area of enhancement and its dimensions are important considerations in implant selection. These are drawn and measured during a consultation and are important in buttock implant selection. Whether one can achieve the the buttock size one sees in a picture may or may not be possible.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana