What Size And Shape Of Buttock Implants Can I Choose From?

Q: I would like to know few things about butt implants Dr. Eppley did my breast implants few years ago and now i would love for him to do my butt. I want to go big. What sizes and shapes can I pick from?

A: Buttock augmentation is similar to breast augmentation in some ways but different in others. Buttocks implants, unlike breast implants, are made from a very soft and flexible solid silicone rubber material. They are not fluid-filled. Like breast implants, they can be placed above (subfascial) or under (actually into) the gluteal muscle. Those two different locations carry greater significance in buttock implants than in breast implants,, particularly in terms of recovery. Intramuscular implant placement is preferred but that also limits the size of the implant that can be used and makes the recovery much more prolonged and uncomfortable. One’s anatomy also can also drive this choice because if there is little subcutaneous fat present over the buttocks, the intramuscular location will produce a smaller but more aesthetic looking result. (concealing the implant edges better)

Buttock implants come in either round or oval shapes and have volumes ranging from about 150cc to 400ccs. Unlike breast implants, in which the size range that can be used is much more variable, the size and shape of  buttock implants must be more closely matched to the surface anatomy and measurements of one’s buttocks. In the buttocks you don’t have the luxury of just putting in whatever size implant you want. The risks of postoperative problems and complications is higher when you do so.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana