What Shape Does Male Cheek Implants Need For A Chiseled Male Model Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a part time male model considering cheek implants. I have flat cheeks that creates a sad look when not smiling. I’m in my mid forties and have had a mini lift to help improve my mid face and soften my nasal labial folds. It was very helpful, but due to flat checks, I still seem to have what appears to be too much check tissue that lends the sad look. I like the chiseled male model look, in that the cheek bones are more prominent while maintaining a lean area below and do not want a round face associated with most cheek augmentations. It seems most surgeons are focused on submalar implants which does not address my needs which are more prominent bone structure. 

Can you share a few before and after pictures of patient to better demonstrate the look that custom implants can produce? 

A: Thank you for your inquiry. You are clearly, as most men would, seeking a high cheekbone augmentation look which is not all what standard cheek implants create. This can only be done by a custom cheek implant design which keeps the augmentation located directly along the horizontal zygomatic body-arch line. Whether this would be limited to the zygomatic body-arch skeletal area, which is placed through an intraoral approach, or whether you need a design that incorporates the infraorbital rim (infraorbital-malar style) I can not obviously yet say. For now I will assume it is the former.

In regard to before and after pictures almost all of my male patients are extremely private and thus passing around or showing their pictures is prohibited. What few patients have been generous enough to allow their pictures to be shown would be in the website, www.exploreplasticsurgeruy.com searching under Male Custom Cheek Implants and Custom High Cheek Bone Implants.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana