What Procedures Would Be Needed For My Facial Asymmetry Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, upon a consultation, the maxillofacial surgeon informed me that
I had facial asymmetry and that my right malar bone was posterior. I had always known there was a serious problem with my facial appearance which has caused me
much emotional distress throughout my life. However until this consultation,I couldn’t
articulate exactly what the problems were. More importantly, it hadn’t even entered my mind until this consultation that it might be  possible that my facial asymmetry could be surgically corrected.

I have attached two photographs that I think illustrate very well the facial asymmetry.  The main problems with the facial asymmetry are that the right malar is depressed and possibly the right eye and brow are slightly too low.

I would really welcome your professional opinion on possible treatment options for the facial asymmetry.

A: I can see quite clearly that your facial asymmetry is based on the right periorbital region and is largely skeletally based. The right orbital box (brow bone, lateral orbital wall and zygoma) are smaller/underdeveloped. This leads to the overlying soft tissues following the pattern of the bones, leading to a right brow and corner of eye/lower eyelid sag and a flatter cheek in that side.

In terms of improvement, you can consider for your facial asymmetry surgery a small right cheek implant. right lateral canthopexy, and right brow lift and possibly brow bone augmentation as well.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana