What Procedures Will Help My Face Looks Less Wide And Chubby?

Q: Dr. Eppley,   I am a 25 old year guy and I am really not  satisfied with my looks. I am looking to improve upon my face for a more youthful look .I know it’s not wise to compare yourself to others as everyone’s face is unique but I think the most distracting feature of my face is a very big and wide lower face (mandible) that makes my face chubby and more old looking. The last time I inquired you about an outer cortex osteotomy for as such the same problem and you requested my pictures so I did attach them. Now I would be really grateful if you clarify me my following doubts:

1. Is it possible to reduce my lower jaw width and angle to make my face more slimmer and proportionate?

2. If yes, how much is it possible to reduce the bigonial distance and achieve a more ovoid looking face (Front view) in my case?

3. Would chin augmentation be helpful to achieve the same?

4. I also want to have a tip rhinoplasty that would give my nose tip more definition and sharpness. Again, how much is it possible to achieve a nose like the one in the model pictures I have attached?

5. Please suggest any additional improvements in case you notice that would be required for a more youthful appeareance such as brows,cheeks or any other.

A: In answer to your questions:

1) There is not a really good procedure to make your entire lower face more narrow. Even if one could do a lateral corticotomy (remove the outer layer of the lower jaw bone) that would just not make enough of a difference in your face.

2) Certainly the jaw angles can be removed but whether that would make a very visible difference is uncertain. Some of your facial width is soft tissue and can not be reduced. The best way to answer whether this procedyure would be worth it is frontal cephalometric x-ray or facial film to look at how much flare the angles have. If it is significant then it may be worthwhile.

3) Vertical chin lengthening is, by far, a more practical approach to facial lengthening (and narrowing) for you given the more square facial shape that you have.

4) A tip rhinoplasty will definitely help narrow your nose but trying to achieve the very slim noses in the pictures you have sent is unrealistic. You will likely end up halfway between where you are now and those type of results.

5) Some soft tissue (fat reduction) would also be helpful, removing part of the buccal fart pad and thinning out the fat outside of the corners of the mouth.

I would think that a vertical lengthening chin osteotomy, tip rhinoplasty and buccal lipectomy with perioral liposuction would be the three procedures that I would recommend that could make the greatest difference in your facial shape/appearance.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana