What Procedures Should I Have To Improve My Facial Asymmetry?

Q: Dr. Eppley, am very unhappy with the right side of my face. My face is assymetrical; the right side looks smaller, there is less volume in the cheek, and my right eye and eyebrow are lower than the left. Also, the right side of my lower lip is smaller than the left. I feel that the left side of my face is the “good” side. I am very self-conscious of my appearance and avoid having my picture taken. I also feel that my nose is fairly wide from the front, although my profile is not that bad. Most surgeons in my area seem to focus on anti-aging procedures. I am too young (31 years old) that the right facial volume loss is due just to aging. The fact that I have always slept on my right side probably did not help. Please let me know what procedures you would suggest. I’ve attached a picture of my face straight on and also one of my right profile.

A: I would agree with you that you do have some degree of facial asymmetry. All features you have pointed out I can see and agree that it exists. The question is given the asymmetry what is reasonable to consider to do for improvement. I would also agree with youir three procedures of interest. A small right cheek implant with fat injections to the submalar (buccal space compartment) and the perioral mound area are very straightforward low risk procedures that can occur from visible improvement. While asymmetry issues exist in the eyebrow area, I would live with those for now. From a nose standpoint, a tip rhinoplasty to narrow the tip would work nicely. I would leave your profile and the upper portions of the nose alone.

The only point in which I disagree with you is that sleeping more on the right side of your face would not have caused the problem. This is a congenital ‘deformity’  and is a result of in utero development not from postnatal molding influences.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana