What Procedures Do You Recommend For A Total Face Makeover?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m looking for a total face makeover to maximize my look and my pic and morph pic uploaded, is it possible to achieve the look of that morph pic realistically? Or whats the maximum bar i can reach? 

Some of my flaws noted were bad chin/mandible, vertically, horizontally, non forward/widen jaw, malocclusion, long midface, negatively tilt eyes and small but fat lips. 

And these are some surgeries I studied that I think might help me. 

DJS/Bimax/CCW Rotation Jaw Corrective Surgery/Lefort 1,2,3 osteotomy/BSSO/Wraparound Custom Jaw Implant/Sliding Genio/Chin Wing/Chin Implant/SARPE/MSE/Lateral Commusuroplasty/Orbital Decompression/Ptosis/Infrainfraorbital rim implants/Canthoplasty /Fillers/Orthodontic treatment 

A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending your morphed facial picture. From a skeletal standpoint I do not find the morphed changes terribly unrealistic. What is important in these morphed predictions is to see more than just the front view. A side and oblique morphed images would also help validate the realistic nature of these morphed changes.

It is not clear where orthognathic surgery, if indicated, has a role to play in these type of facial makeover. Without seeing x-rays and an occlusal assessment, the potential role of orthognathic surgery can not be determined.

In short, more information is needed to provide an assessment of what is and is not possible and how to accomplish such changes.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana