What Procedures Do I Need To My Facial Reshaping Goals?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in some facial reshaping procedures. I am 54 and desire more of a heart shape to my face. It is long and not as feminine as I would like. My nose is a bit long and wide on the bridge (from the front esp.) Looking younger would be great, but looking more feminine and therefore prettier is my main goal. Wider temple area/distinct cheekbones, tighter jaw to neck angle, more of a right angle beneath chin-to-neck, and a feminine nose are some ideas I have. My jawbone has reabsorbed somewhat, according to my dentist. But I need YOUR trained eye to tell me how to accomplish my goal of looking more feminine, losing the chub underneath my chin, creating a prettier facial shape in general. Thanks so much for giving me the straight scoop.

A: In looking at your pictures and understanding your facial reshaping goals, I would recommend the following changes.

CHIN A V or triangular shaped chin implant augmentation with the objective or bringing your chin forward, which is short, but making it narrower at the same time.

NOSE An open rhinoplasty to narrow the nose from the bridge to the tip with some slight shortening and elevation of the tip with nostril narrowing.

CHEEKS Cheek implants that produce some a combined malar/submalar (shell) effect. This with the chin helps create more of a heart-shaped face.

TEMPLES Subfascial temporal implant to correct the hollowing and increase the bitemporal width.

EARLOBES I know you did not mention these but these seem a little bit and stick out and reducing them adds a touch of femininity to the sides of the face.

I have attached some computer imaging predictions of how I see these changes affecting your face.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana