What Plastic Surgery Procedures Make Up A Mommy Makeover?

Q: I have had two babies in three years and have lost nearly 50 lbs through an aggressive diet and execise program. While I have defnitely seen some body changes, I am not happy with the way my breasts and stomach look. I thought with all of this working out that my stomach would look better. I have loose skin and stretch amrks around my belly buttonm and my breasts droop and are floppy. I have read about a plastic surgery procedure called the Mommy Makeover.  What is sone in this procedure and can it be done all in one surgery. I am worried about recovery time and getting back into the gym for my workouts. Thanks!

A: The Mommy Makeover has become a popular plastic surgery procedure amongst mothers between the ages of around 25 to 45, although it can be done at any age. It has gotten this catchy name because the procedures involved help reverse the effects that pregnancy has ravaged on a woman’s body. These procedures have been commonly done for many decades so they are not new. They have just been put together and ‘packaged’ for this specific set of female body problems, that being the breasts and the stomach areas. Breasts frequently have lost volume (deflated) and sag and the tummy has loose skin and stretch marks. The combination of breast reshaping (implants with or without a lift) and some form of a tummy tuck (with or without liposuction) is the backbone of a Mommy Makeover. They are almost always done together if a patient’s economics permits. While this combination of a breast augmentation and tummy tuck will have a dramatic change on one’s body, you must tone down the concern about getting back to working out as soon as possible. This is a setup for after surgery problems. It is understandable that you have an addiction to working out as you would not have gotten this far without doing so.  But that same addiction, which you think is good, is not so good after this kind of surgery. You must mentally plan on 6 weeks before getting back to working out like you are now. Remember that in a span of a few hours you are going to make changes that you can’t do by working out for the rest of your life. The risk is not worth it for a few extra workouts that, in the big picture, will gain you nothing.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana