What Plastic Surgery Procedures Do I Need To Improve My Breasts And Stomach After Having Had 4 Children?

Q: Dear Dr. Eppley, I am not sure if I need a lift or lipo on the love handles. That decision I would leave up to the expert. But I would love to have breasts that look like actual breasts and not deflated socks. I have never had breasts. Growing up there was just a small protrusion of breast itself but was mostly at the nipple.(hard to explain) My stomach has stretched out due to 4 pregnancies, 3 in quick sucession. I run sprints, lift weights, and eat very healthy, I have attached pictures for you to see what I am left with.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. In reviewing them you can see many of the typical changes that have occured with multiple pregnancies and having very small breasts to start with. The little breast tissue you have has stretched out and the nipple now hangs down over your existing high lower breast fold. You will need both breast implants  and a small vertical breast lift to get a much improved breast size and shape. The vertical breast lift is a key component of the procedure as an implant alone will provide volume but will not get the nipple up and centered on the newly enlarged breast mound. This results in fine line scars around the nipples and then down vertically towards the lower breast fold. Whether one wants saline or silicone gel implants is a matter for further discussion of their benefits and liabilities. From abdominal stand point, I would recommend a mini-abdominoplasty with flank liposuction. While there are stretch mark across a lot of your trunk areas, there does not appear to be enough of loose abdominal skin to justify a full abdominoplasty procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana