What Plastic Surgery Can Be Done To Change The Look of My Face And Skull?

Q: Hello, I know I’ve contacted you before I would just like to go a little more in depth. I searched the web and you seem to be the most qualified surgeon in terms of facial/skull surgery. I had contacted you about taking hgh pills at 16 (now 18) and seeing an increase in head size. My head is not extremely big but I don’t feel comfortable with it from how my head size should be and also I have concerns of possible frontal bossing in the forehead area. I understand costs can be high for this kind of extensive work but I’m very interested in finding out how you could help me. I have attached some photos of me and I also am planning to have the necessary x-rays done in order to understand how much between the skull and actual brain.Thank you.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. I am seeing some mild frontal bossing (brow reduction), a smaller chin (chin augmentation) and a larger nose (rhinoplasty), all of which could be surgically modified. But I am not seeing reason for any other skull modification or skull problems. The x-ray would be helpful to know how thick the frontal bone is over the frontal sinus which helps choosing the surgical technique for brow reduction should that be a desired change.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana