What Needs To Be Done To My Face To Make It Look Thinner?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, The problem with my face is it’s very skinny when I don’t smile. When I smile I have the biggest fattest face ever! I have these fat pockets around my nose. And instead of a smile I look like I’m sneering. I was in an auto accident and it caused nerve damage to my left lip. I want to fix my smile so its even again and you can see more of my teeth. I also have a brow that I hate and would like to get rid of. I also would like some work done on my chin because I hate the way that looks. And also when I smile I have “jowls” and I’d like to get rid of those and my double chin. My double chin is hereditary and being tall and skinny this looks very strange. I would also like to get a nose job because I have my fathers nose and I think it looks very masculine. Overall what I am trying to achieve is a slimmer face, with more feminine features and a better more applying smile. I don’t feel like my face goes with my personality, and how I feel. Also anything else you see that needs to be done please let me know.

A:  Thank you for sending your pictures. In looking at your face and reading your objectives I would consider the following procedures. A rhinoplasty is needed to make your nose thinner and less wide, particularly in the tip. I would also recommend buccal (cheek) fat pad removal (subtotal) and small cannula liposuction of the fullness above the nasolabial (lip-cheek) grooves. A lip lift (vermilion advancement) done with differential skin removal (left greater than the right) will help with better lip symmetry and overall fullness. A submental chin reduction is needed to decrease the amount of chin prominence and protrusion. Liposuction can be done in the neck and jowls to remove fat in these areas.

Unfortunately, I can only do limited computer imaging because your pictures are inadequate.  Smiling photos make a lot of facial feature distortion.

You mentioned a dislike for your brows but I am uncertain what specifically you do not like about them. Until I know more, I can not make any recommendations on whether they can or cannot be favorably changed.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana