What Is Your Opinion About Jaw Angle Implants In Women?

Q: I would like to know your opinion about mandibular implants for woman. I am 53 and I was told that an angle implant would improve my features, as I have a steep mandibular plane; it would also be better to do it prior to face lift. Thank you for your opinion and advice.

A: Jaw angle implants are not that common in women as a well defined and angular back of the jaw has not been an historic aesthetic feature for women. That has changed in more recent times as more celebrities and recognized women with fairly angular jaw structures are seen regularly. While too strong of a jaw is obviously not desireable for women, a weak jawline and shape does not age well either. More recently I have done jaw angle implants for women, either to get a stronger jaw angle in younger women or to enhance the appearance of an aging jawline in middle-aged women who have a weak jaw angle or steep mandibuar plane angle.

While I obviously can not answer whether jaw angle implants are a good choice for you without seeing pictures, it can be determined before surgery whether they would be advantageous with computer imaging. That can show you quite clearly whether they are of benefit. When done as part of a more complete hard and soft tissue facial rejuvenation, I would recommend having it done at the same time as a facelift. While there is an argument to be made for separating the procedures (swelling), there is the inconvenience of two separate procedures.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana