What Is Wrong With My Forehead And Can It Be Fixed?

Q: I am seeking information regarding some sort of procedure I could have done and if you either know about it or can do it. I am unhappy with my forehead. My forehead slopes down perfectly then rounds out. Its bone from my eye socketes in my skull that stick out. Basically Im assuming my skin would need to be pulled back off and the bone chipped down to be even with the top of my forehead. Do you know what im talking about and can you help me?

A:  Your description of your forehead shape is classic for brow bone protrusion, medically known as brow bone hypertrophy. Technically, it is not thickening of the brow bones per se but expansion of the underlying frontal air sinus. The frontal sinus has become too aerated or big and that pushes out the thin overlying layer of bone. Brow bone reduction surgery is a very effective plastic surgery procedure for bringing this bone area back into a more pleasing shape with the rest of the upper forehead. This thin outer table of frontal bone is removed, reshaped and put back with tiny metal plates and screws so that it is less protrusive. In essence, the size of the frontal sinus is reduced. This does not affect how the frontal sinus functions nor create the potential for future sinus infections.

While this type of surgery sounds scary, it is really similar to an open browlift which is a common cosmetic surgery. The only difference is the bone is removed and reshaped. The access to get there are the recovery from the surgery is pretty much the same.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana