What Is The Success Rate Of The Corner Of The Mouth Lift?

Q: I am interested in the corner of the mouth surgery to lift up my downturned and sad looking mouth. What are the risks, recovery time, and success rate of this procedure? Is the procedure an office visit?  What number of follow up procedures are required?

A: The corner of the mouth (COM) lift is an office procedure done under local anesthesia. Dissolveable sutures are used so no return visit is necessary for out of town patients. I would say there is really any true recovery, just some redness in the corners of the mouth for several weeks and time to let the scars fade. There are no dietary or oral hygiene restrictions afterward. It is always a successful procedure as the corners are always leveled out rather than downturned. The key is not to overdo it so the corners are turned up or give someone a ‘joker’s smile’. There will be a very fine line scar that emanates out from the corner of the mouth about 5 to 7mms, but it is very small. Sometimes there may be a need or it is of benefit to do some other minor procedures around the corners of the mouth. (e.g., fillers to marionette lines) This is why it is a good idea for me to see a picture of your mouth in a non-smiling position to determine if this is the corner of the mouth lift procedure for you.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana