What Is The Risk of Infecting Custom Infraorbital-Malar Implants from Dental Local Anesthetic Injections?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hope you’re well. 

I’ve got a question in regards to Custom  infraorbital-Malar implants and veneers. 

I’m planning to undergo 20 emax veneer procedure shortly after (2-3 months) having Malar implants done by you, however I’m worried about chance of implant infection. 

What I mean is when aesthetic is being injected into top teeth in order to shave them down, wouldn’t that increase chance of infection massively as it is pretty close to Malar area? 

If true, would having veneers before cheek implants be a better idea? 

Looking forward to your reply.

A: That is a good question. But where the level of the custom infraorbital-malar implants are is high comported to the placement of vestibular local anesthetic injections. So I do not see that as a risk. But of course when in doubt consider the reverse…but then there is the remote risk of injury to the veneers from anesthetic oral intubation. It is a small risk but always present. Given the two risk profiles, the risk of implant infection from local anesthetic injections is lower (closer to zero) than the risk of tooth injury from anesthesia.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana