What Is The Recovery Like After Tear Trough Implants?

Q:  I am interested in getting implants for my deep tear troughs. I have a few questions about them. What is the recovery time? Will there be any bruising or swelling? What are the aftercare instructions? ( i.e., how long are bandages worn, how long do I wear sunglasses?) Can I apply Latisse on my eyes? What kind of anesthesia is used and what are the side effects associated with this? Is there a possibility that this will affect my vision? Are there any negative outcomes or side effects of tear trough implants?

A: There will be swelling and maybe some bruising for a few weeks. Recovery is all about how you look not how you feel. There is no aftercare or anything that you need to do other than to ice the eye area for the first night after surgery. There are no bandages. You may continue to apply Latisse to your upper eyelid lashes as normal if you desire. General anesthesia is used as the lower eyelids and orbital bones are impossible for anyone to stay still except if they are asleep. This surgery will have no effect on your vision. The biggest risk of tear trough implants is getting the right size and position on the bone so you do not feel them, see them and they do not move after surgery.  Implants can be used for tear troughs but so can fat injections which is another good option. Fat injections, like tear trough implants, is an operation that is done under general anesthesia as well.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana