What Is The Recovery From Rhinoplasty And Chin Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in a chin augmentation and rhinoplasty after our consultation? What are the logistics of the actual procedure…i.e, time needed to recover, possible adverse short and long term effects, are the results permanent or will it need to be altered down the road to maintain its new shape, and are allergic reactions to the implant material common?

Another concern of mine is that I train in jiu jitsu (it’s like wrestling pretty much) so would the implant possibly be jostled loose if I were to get knocked in the chin?  If so, would the sliding genioplasty yield similar results or no? I do like the chin implant.. just worried that it could be a potential problem.

A: The combination of rhinoplasty and chin augmentation is a very common facial reshaping surgery because of its dual benefits in changing two important areas of facial prominences. These are outpatient procedures done under general anesthesia. The most significant recovery is the first week when the nose will have a tape and splint dressing and the chin will be the most swollen. After the first week the nasal splint comes off so it is easier to be seen out in public without having had obvious surgery. Most of the swelling is gone by about three weeks after the procedure although it really takes a full three months before one should critique the results.

Both the rhinoplasty and chin augmentation create permanent effects through bone and cartilage modifications (nose) and the placement of a non-degradable implant. (chin) There is no such thing as an allergic reaction to a silicone implant although there is the rare occurrence of the risk of infection (1% or less) The chin implant will be secured in placed by small screws so between screw fixation and the enveloping scar that occurs around any implant, it will never move regardless of almost any degree of physical contact. You would have to break the bone to move the implant.

The biggest risks or need for revisional procedures for either a rhinoplasty or chin implant are aesthetic in nature…how does it eventually look and is the patient satisfied. The overwhelming reason for revision of any facial aesthetic procedure is the patient desire for additional changes/improvement in the shape of the nose or chin.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana