What Is The Realistic Revision Rate For Custom Jawline Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hello, we spoke before. Since then I got jaw/chin filler which greatly improved the aesthetic of my jaw. I’m curious about a wraparound jaw implant but concerned about the incidence of infection or unexpected asymmetry post op. I read about a case where they custom designed it but it ended up super lopsided anyways. There was also a potential instrumental slip up. How common is this realistically? I believe I’d need a large augmentation to the gonion width which would be riskier than a small increase.

A: If you add the incidence of infection (3% or less) to the ‘need’ to correct any implant asymmetries or the patient desire to change it for bigger or smaller at around 15% you can see that the overall revision/replacement rate of custom jawline implants is around 20%. This surprises most but that is the reality of the surgery. A good rule to remember is that big changes requires big surgery which also means the risk of revision is equally big.

Most revisional custom jawline surgery is for aesthetic reasons most of which are for non-major problems. (not like the one that you described) However in my very extensive experience young male patients are very particular and this characteristic alone drives up the rate of revisions. The very nature of the surgery attracts the type of patient who is also very aesthetically specific.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana