What Is The Maximum Size Of Chin And Jaw Angle Implants That Are Available?

Q: I am interested in getting chin and jaw angle implants. I would like the chin implant to be lengthened (to the most extent) and squared (to the most extent) being in the category of the latest style available on the market. The jawline height should be lengthened and widened to its proportionate maximum possibly by having a “wrap around” implant and/or separated combination of implants. Do the latest style chin implants stating the above written factors of width and length fit the “wrap around” implant or separate implants more accordantly?  Thank You.

A: In answer to your questions about chin and jaw angle implants, here is the following dimensions:
Square Chin implant (Style 2 Terino), Implantech =   6.5mm anterior projection in the middle, 10mm projection on the square portion (transition corner) of the implant, 9cms long (4.5 cms back from the middle on each side)

RZ Extended Square Chin, Medpor = 7mm in anterior projection, 11mm projection on the square portion of the implant. Because of the central connector, the implant can be expanded and made more square which also allows for the creation of central cleft

RZ Mandibular Angle Implants, Medpor = 11mm width expansion, 10 mm vertical elongation

These three implants must be put together to create a ‘wraparound effect’ but there will be a depression between the two along the jawline because their edges are feathered where they come together. They were never made to be used to create a completely smooth wrap around jawline effect. What you may really be searching for is a custom one piece wrap-around jawline implant that can be made to almost any shape and dimension.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana