What Is The Largest Breast Implants That Are Available?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I currently have breast implants which are inflated to 1200 cc’s. On the Purlz website there are references to 2000 cc implants and I am wondering if that is something which you actually do, since I am looking for extra-large implants near 2000 cc’s. In the seven years since my last surgery my skin has stretched enough that I think 2000 cc’s might be able to be achieved. Please reply with any information that you might be able to provide. Also, I am wondering if the sizers on the Purlz website fit nicely over breasts with existing implants? Thanks for your help.

A: I believe that you are confused about the Purlz products. These are breast implant sizers, not implantable breast implants. The only three manufacturers of FDA-approved breast implants for human implantation are Mentor, Allergan and Sientra. Only Mentor and Allergan offer saline breast implants that can be overfilled at the plastic surgeon’s discretion. Purlz offers presurgical sizers to be inserted over one’s breasts in a bra to help with surgical decision making about breast implant size for eventual surgery. They can not be used to be implanted either alone or over one’s existing breast implants.

Currently, the largest FDA-approved saline breast implant sizes are 800cc which are recommended from the manufacturers to have a maximal fill of 960cc. They can be inflated to more than that and around 1200cc , as you have, is around the maximum fill after which they get unnaturally very firm. Outside the U.S. larger saline breast implant sizes exist and are used but those devices are illegal to import into this country for use. The breast implant manufacturers are working on bringing larger breast implant sizes to the market but I could not tell you when that may be in the future.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana