What Is The Effect Of Brow Bone Augmentation On The Look Of The Eyes?

Q:  Hello Dr. Eppley. I would like to inquire about brow bone implant. Do you mind taking the mind to answer some of my questions? 1) Are there any limitations to brow bone implant? Can it stretch as much as we want? 2) Will the eyes change its expression after the implant? I tried pulling out the skin at my eye brown area and there seems to be a difference. 3) Will the eyes appear bigger or smaller after the implant? 4) Lastly, is lowering my eye browns accurate to determine how I would look like after the brow bone implant? Thank you for your attention. Hope to hear from you soon.

A: In answer to your questions about brow bone augmentation, let me clarify that building up with brow area is done using typical cranioplasty materuials and not just a carved or pre-shaped implant. With that being said: 1) The size of brow bone augmentation can be done to just about whatever size someone wants. 2) The muscle activity around the eyes will not change after brow bone augmentation. But a stronger brow appearance may make the eye area look different. 3) While the actual size of the eye will not change after brow bone augmentation, they may look little deeper set in some patients. 4) The horizontal position of the eyebrows does not change after brow bone augmentation. They are pushed outward and perhaps a millimeter or so downward but they do not shift downward to any significant degree.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana