What Is The Difference Between Submental Liposuction and Submental Lipectomy?

Q: Dr. Eppley,Is there a difference between submental liposuction and submental lipectomy? Do you perform both procedures if this is the case?

A:Technically there is a difference between submental liposuction and submental lipectomy. Submental liposuction, as the name implies, removes fat between the skin and the platysmal muscle by vacuum extraction using a cannula. (like any traditional lipouction only using a smaller cannula) Submental lipectomy is the direct excision of central fat beneath the platysmal muscle. in the midline The combination of submental lipectomy and submental liposuction is always part of the procedure known as a submentoplasty. A submentoplasty is a more aggressive form of neck contouring that also include platysma muscle tightening.

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