What Is The Difference Between Custom And Off The Shelf Jaw Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a question what is the difference between the custom implant and the off the shelf jaw implants? I think for my ideal face I would like to achieve is to vertically lengthen my chin only a bit and make it more wide. For my jaw I think just maybe only a little bit widen but more lengthened so I would have a longer smaller looking face. I think for me its not so nice to widen it too much). I want the same face I have now only smaller looking with a better jawline. I have attached a male model’s photo which is what I want to reach is something like that possible for my face?Also I am a bit concerned if something would go wrong, is it being corrected for free then? And how long should I stay in Indianapolis as I don’t want to know people at home.

A: The role of custom facial implants is useful when off-the-shelf implants can not produce the desired effect either due to the size changes needed, a special shape of the implant is required or there is asymmetry between two sides. Another difference is that custom implants cost a lot more and will add $7500 to a surgical procedure such as yours. So you have to have a real good question to go the custom route. 

The model photo you have shown can not be exactly achieved on you because only a custom jawline implant can create a perfectly smooth wrap around effect.

If revisional surgery is needed, the patient is responsible for the costs of the operating room and anesthesia costs. No revisional surgery procedure is completely free.

Most jawline implant patients will stay 2 to 3 days before returning home. But if you are not desiring to go home until most of the obvious swelling is gone, then it will be several weeks. (which is a bit impractical for most patients)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana