What Is The Difference Between A Direct Temple Lift and an Endoscopic Browlift?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Is a direct temple lift the same or different than an endoscopic browlift? Or I assume the direct temple lift pulls the tail vertically while the endoscopic browlift pulls the whole brow up to the hairline.

A: There are differences between a direct temple lift and an endoscopic browlift. An endoscopic browlift uses 4 scalp incisions  (2 parasagittal and 2 temporal) to create a total brow lifting effect. Conversely a direct temple lift uses an incision either at the tail of the eyebrow hairline, at the edge of the temporal hairline or back in the temporal hairline to create a tail of the brow lift. Most commonly the incision is placed at the edge of the superior temporal hairline which lifts the tail of the brow in a 45 to 60 degree angulation upward. 

The combination of a lateral cantoplasty and a direct temple lift is the most powerful technique for creating an upward sweep or angulation to the outer eye area.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana