What Is The Cost To Build Out A Flat Back Of The Head?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I came across your website in search of a surgical procedure that would add more volume to the back of my head. (occipital augmentation) I have essentially a flat head, and would like to change that. My question is; what is the average price (I know they are not all the same) for this procedure.

A: The typical occipital augmentation procedure uses about 60 grams of bone cement (which is just about the extent that the scalp can stretch to accommodate the underlying bone expansion) placed over the flat area on the back of the head through a scalp incision. In most cases of occipital augmentation this produces a satisfactory result. However there are a minority of cases where this volume addition may not meet the aesthetic expectations of the patient based on the degree of flattening that they have. Thus it would be helpful to see a picture (side view) of your head to determine if this one stage approach would be enough. In more severe cases, a two-stage approach can be used but obviously we would like achieve a good enough improvement that only a single surgery is necessary.

As a general number, the average total cost of a cone-stage occipital augmentation procedure (all expenses included, surgeon’ fee, operating room and anesthesia and bone cement material costs) is around $8500.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana