What Is The Cost Of Otoplasty For My Daughter’s Protruding Ears?

Q: I am a single mom and have a daughter who will soon be 12 years old. She is suffering from a lot of teasing because her ears really that stick out. I think they are adorable but she has become very self-conscious and is dreading going to middle school in the fall because of her ears. I am writing to inquire of how much ear pinning would cost. Not sure if I can afford it at all as I am a single mom and have another daughter in college. So my question is how much is it and is there a possibility of payments? Thank you.

A: When the ears excessively protrude or stick out, it is not rare that a child or teenager receives a lot of unwarranted criticism because of it. While parents have been with their children since birth, they often can fail to see how bothersome their ear position or shape can be. Children frequently will not say anything to their parents about it.  Fortunately you have perceived her distress and recognize that otoplasty surgery can make a dramatic difference. Otoplasty is a fairly simple procedure that reshapes the cartilages of the ear from an incision on their backside. In a one hour operation, the ears can be dramatically reshaped so they blend in naturally and inconspicuously to the side of the head. The average costs of an otoplasty is generally in the $4,500 to $5,000 range, all costs included. You may be able to work out a discounted fee with a plastic surgeon and I would not be afraid to have that discussion with their office. Perhaps you will be able to work a ‘single mom’s’ fee reduction for your daughter’s otoplasty surgery.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana