What Is The Cost of Jaw Angle Implants?

Q: I am interested in RZ Mandibular Angle Implants for cosmetic purposes – the smallest size. Approximately how much do they cost? Also, could Dr. Eppley do a consult via photographs or Skype?

A: The smallest size of the RZ Mandibular Angle implants adds 3mms in width (this can be shaved down even further during surgery) and about 10mms in vertical length. That is a good implant if one is interested in both vertical lengthening and an increase in jaw angle width. If not then one needs to go with a lateral augmentation jaw angle implant only. These are the two basic styles of this type of facial implant. Regardless of the jaw angle implant type, the general cost quote for all expenses is around $6500. I regularly perform Skype or phone consults and that can be arranged anytime. Please send some pictures for my assessment in advance of either a phone or Skype plastic surgery consult. Dr. Barry Eppley Indianapolis, Indiana